Liverpool BOE approves redistricting

— There hasn’t been a complete redistricting in Liverpool in decades, according to Kuno.

Renovations needed at Chestnuts, LHS

Representatives from the district’s Facility Advisory Committee gave a presentation on improvements needed to several buildings in the district. The committee recommended a number of improvements as part of the Phase 2 Capital Improvement project.

First of all, the roof at Liverpool High School needs to be replaced in its entirety.

“You can see the holes… when you get right up next to them [they’re] actually really large and damaging,” said David Tauro, a member of the committee.

In addition, the Chestnut Hill complex is in need of significant renovations, never having seen a massive overhaul in their 50-year lives. The science rooms at Chestnut Hill Middle School don’t meet state standards for size and safety and must be upgraded. The Chestnut complex also has roof leaks, wiring issues, poor ventilation, mildew, cold zones and multiple other issues that must be addressed for the safety and comfort of the students.

There are also a number of safety issues that need to be addressed. Under the proposal, districtwide, intruder lockset hardware, fire alarm systems and control panel hardware would be replaced, and paging, public address and two-way communications systems would be modernized.

The cost of the proposal as it stands is as follows:

Liverpool High School roof repairs: $6.6 million

Chestnut Hill Elementary substantial building renovation: $12.1 million

Chestnut Hill Middle substantial building renovation: $16.6 million

Districtwide safety and security improvements: $2.5 million

Total cost: $37,919,700

Only a portion of the total is eligible for state aid. The rest would come from local taxes, amounting to about $60 a month on a $100,000 house.

Because so much of the cost would be funded by local taxes, the board was hesitant to jump on board.

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