Cazenovia Lake Association hears update on lake health and boater safety

— Town Councilor Bill Zupan then gave an update on the town’s new benthic mat program, which leases benthic barrier mats to lakefront residents to help prevent plant and invasive species growth near personal docks. The program “got off to a slow start” but caught on “fairly well” with 13 property owners renting mats this year, Zupan said. The town will continue the program next year and residents who participated this year will get first option to lease mats in 2014, he said.

Zupan said the town is also looking into the option of the town moving mats around the lake bottom for program participants rather than have the mats stay in one spot all summer, which is expected to make the mats more effective by covering a broader area.

The town’s stormwater management efforts also got off to a slow start this year with remediation efforts done on only one of the nine runoff streams that enter the lake. Each stream, worked on by Madison County Soil and Water Department, gets a total remediation design system to limit the amount of silt that enters the lake, but needs the approval of any landowner whose property the stream is on, Zupan said.

In an effort to further limit runoff from roads into the lake, the town also plans this winter to switch from sand to salt road treatments during the winter months, which is hoped to make a “big difference” in the silt intake of the lake, he said.

Cazenovia Village Police Chief Michael Hayes also updated the members on the status of the lake boat patrol that switched from county sheriff’s department management to a cooperative management by the village, town and CLA.

When the sheriff’s office could no longer man the patrol, the CLA got permission from the sheriff to take possession of the boat. The village, which was the only one of the three to have its own law enforcement agency, agreed to man the patrol with village police officers and do all the related management work, the town provided support and $3,000 for operating costs and the CLA provided $5,000 and the boat and all its accoutrements. The Willow Bank Yacht Club agreed to dock the boat in one of its slips.

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