Along the Lakeshore: Aug. 21

More thoughts on Loveless farm and Tim Green

The ducks have not been very prevalent this week. I did see six Mallard ladies paddling past on Sunday night. This group seems to stick to together and they occasionally rest for the night on my north dock. The pictures I took last week came out quite well.

Last week I landed very hard on my neighbor Tim Green’s development plans for the Loveless farm. One might assume I bear Tim ill will. The case is, that I admire most things he has done. I watched most of the SU games that he dominated and occasionally the Falcons games that he played. The spots on NPR from football summer camp were well done and very interesting. I read most of his early books about football and some set in a fictionalized lakeside village.

I drove the ambulance to Crouse Hospital with Tim in the passenger seat and his wife in an emergency situation in the back. I suggested he might volunteer as a driver work if he could work it into his busy schedule.

I was especially impressed with his interest in getting a wrestling program reestablished at Skaneateles High School. J. R. Brillo and former coach Dick Campbell brought it to full bloom. My son Bill grappled for Coach “C” for four years and I feel it is a great sport to bring individual focus to the top. Just you and your opponent on the mat for nine minutes or until somebody is pinned.

My son Curt played four years of JV and varsity football when Skaneateles played in a league that included schools like Central Square, Fulton and Oswego. They played a championship game at Coyne field the day after a blizzard. I was certainly disappointed when the Lakers got down to 15 to 16 men on the team.

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