Nelson residents grill board over five-year road repair plan

— “You can’t dig a ditch and throw some small stones in there and think the stones are going to hold the water back,” he said. “It’s got to be done right now. Not every time there’s a storm. Every time there’s a storm it washes back up.”

Town Supervisor Roger Bradstreet said he would advise those traveling along Chaphe Hill Road, under current conditions, to exercise caution and drive slowly.

“We do,” the Diamonds responded simultaneously. “But there are other people that use the road that don’t,” Marty Diamond continued.

Sharon Diamond also noted that they have a house they want to put on the market, as well as have building lots.

“For anybody to come up that road, they’re not going to want to build up there because of the condition of the road,” she said. “That’s the first thing that we hear about. So it’s devaluating our property immensely.”

“Jones Road is a hell of a lot better than our road,” Marty Diamond stated.

Bradstreet admitted that repairing each road is crucial, but that both Jones Road and Chaphe Hill Road will not be covered by the budget.

“I assure you that we will take a look at both roads and make an assessment,” he said. “But we’ll continue to make them better than they are today — that’s the only commitment I can make.”

Also at the meeting, the board:

—Held a public hearing concerning the board’s continuing efforts to update the town’s land use regulations. Some of the amended items include vehicular storage on residential lots, which was altered to ensure that large trucks park in rear yards rather than front yards for visual appearances. Home occupation minor and major definitions have been relaxed too, and other amendments attempt to make the zoning more agriculture-friendly. The board postponed final action on the regulations until its Sept. 12 regular monthly meeting, when the board will open discussion to the public at another hearing. A special board meeting to continue discussion is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 29.

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