Skaneateles Festival begins Aug. 8

Four weeks of summer in a land of music

A past concert given at Brook Farm as a part of Skaneateles Festival.

A past concert given at Brook Farm as a part of Skaneateles Festival.

Week two: SkanFest goes green

Can music be a form of recycling? You bet it can, and we’ll see how this week with the help of powerhouse composer, pianist, innovator, and musical recycler Donal Fox and virtuoso and Festival favorite Hilary Hahn. You’ll hear pieces based on recycled or reused tunes or other musical ideas, jazz improvisations on the classics, earlier pieces re-worked by later composers, and much much more!

Week three: earth, winds and fire

This week’s performances revel in the natural combination of instruments from different families, whether it is woodwind, percussion, strings, or voice. With a variety of masterpieces by composers from Gershwin and Copland to Verdi and Vaughn Williams, this week’s instrumental collaborations mimic the elements of nature existing together in harmony.

Week four: Bohemian triumph

Discover the music of the original Bohemians, from Baroque and Classical masters to modern composers with a penchant for ragtime and a passion for social justice. Come and hear their creative musical treasures, including avant-garde and jazz influenced works, live again with “A Far Cry,” a thrilling young orchestra brimming with spirit and personality.

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