LETTER: Zambrano never took undue credit

— Zambrano never took undue credit

To the editor:

I was confused by the letter in the July 31 edition by Ms. Timmons [“Zambrano doesn’t deserve credit for Cicero’s growth”]. Her letter explicitly stated and complained that Deputy Supervisor Zambrano took credit personally for the many accomplishments that were mentioned in Ms. Zambrano’s June 17 letter. Since the letter is still online I reread it, as that had not been my impression. That letter from Ms. Zambrano never made any such claim. What I found was the use of the “I” pronoun twice: “I have been active in encouraging... projects” and “I have had the opportunity to work with the town supervisor, planning board chairman and other board members...” The use of “we” appears in “we are seeing...”, “we have added...”, “we have enjoyed”, “we have benefited...”, “we have implemented...”; all statements that refer to group efforts. She summarized her letter in final paragraph with statements such as “Having the right individuals involved... will continue to be critical” and “Collaboration among interested parties has yielded excellent results.” Clearly, she gave credit to others throughout her letter and never to herself, emphasizing the joint efforts of many in bringing the successes to which she referred.

Further, Ms. Timmons’ letter sought to belittle the title of deputy supervisor. She may be right in stating that some past town supervisors misused the appointment, but her appointment by Town Supervisor Corl was an acknowledgement of her capabilities and she has served actively in that role. We have only to look at the achievements within the past two years to see there have been major accomplishments and the town actually had a budget surplus this year. Personally, I believe Ms. Zambrano is the right candidate for the town, prepared to carry forward the direction she worked with Supervisor Corl to define.

David Kirk


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