LETTER: Letter about Zambrano was misleading

— Letter about Zambrano was misleading

To the editor:

Letter about Zambrano was misleading

First, there was only one line at the end of the column that indicated Zambrano is Deputy Supervisor. That is common in guest columns. While the statements about the position of Deputy Supervisor are accurate, it is important to note that Supervisor Corl has given a lot of responsibility to Zambrano in that role. This indicates that Corl uses the assets available to him to great advantage for the benefit of Cicero. Instead of marginalizing a former political opponent, Corl has utilized her talents and accomplished much more than a supervisor who works alone and does not seek the help of other board members would.

Second, Zambrano’s column was simply a report about the various activities that have or are taking place in our community. There were no claims that she was responsible for any of these projects, only that these projects were ongoing or completed. She did not state that these projects were begun in the last year and a half. She did not claim responsibility for them.

Zambrano did downplay the role that this town board has taken to see that there is better code enforcement. I would like to see a future column about all of the positive steps the town has taken towards ensuring that many of the violations are addressed and rectified. I have seen more progress in the last six months than I have in the last 10 years.

I am not a political person but when I read a letter like this, it angers me. It may be only local politics, but let’s all be truthful. The letter in the July 31 edition of the Star-Review was misleading. I encourage readers to go to the Star-Review’s web site, eaglestarreview.com, and read the original Zambrano column.

John D. Gardner


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