Summer residents have every right to oppose brewery


To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, Jonathan Phillips attacked people who oppose a brewery at the south end of the lake. He claimed that a beer factory will be a “valuable asset” that will “enhance and project Cazenovia's allure.” I find his concept of allure astonishingly inclusive and his faith positively touching and I do hope all his beliefs prove true.

However, the only real issue on the table is not whether Cazenovia can have an awesome new brewery but whether the community chooses to abide by its zoning regulations and standards or just throws up its hands and allows industries to pop up wherever they please. As a professed champion of the community and an educated man, surely he should allow for the possibility that conserving traditional areas for residence and commerce is as worthy a goal as growth.

As you might have guessed, I am what Mr. Phillips refers to as a member of “the opposition” whose “mission is seemingly singular” and who “continually create unbacked propaganda.” It all sounds so sinister and yet, without a single specific fact, it is impossible to refute these vague accusations. So bravo, he wins the argument.

By the way, the admirable fortitude Mr. Phillips exhibits by spending every miserable winter in Cazenovia doesn't give him the right to discount the opinions of property owners who choose not to suffer that hardship. Summer residents pay year-round taxes but are only a burden on roads and community services for half a year and by that reckoning make a greater net contribution to the community than Mr. Phillips. But for the sake of harmony, let's call it even.



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