Village needs to re-think electric rates

The SCC will cause the village to purchase more supplemental power and the center would receive a windfall at the expense of current ratepayers absent a change in the tariff.

The addition of such a large consumer is a major, potentially expensive change to our community. It is a one time event, and modifying the existing tariff would eliminate a continuous penalty (a tax) on village ratepayers.

I welcome the SCC/YMCA as a member of our community but not at the expense of village residents.

The community center would save $80,000 per year with this proposed structure and the Village residents would avoid financial penalty. Otherwise SCC would save $140,000. The $60,000 difference will be a penalty to the Village Electric Department soon creating a need for higher rates. Like it or not we should be fully informed during this process.

There have been several meetings between the village and SCC regarding this subject. None of the meetings have been transparent. The only village board meeting information I have found is back in January of 2012, when the board approved a shared use of legal services for the village and SRCC. That’s puzzling on several levels. It’s time for the subject to be openly discussed by the village board … step by step.

I envision a last minute “public meeting” to present the “tentative agreement.” That is not the way to conduct open government. A project this big needs public awareness in digestible portions as it progresses, not just a data dump followed by a “public hearing.” I realize that it would perhaps take more time, but we really should increase transparency.

David Blackwell


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