Along the Lakeshore: April 17

Music in the schools, ducks, dogs in England

You can say what you want about mallards, but they are all over the world, from hotel atriums with running interior streams to the puddles of the southwest. Many places I’ve visited on our driving trips in England are enhanced by plump and colorful drakes waddling around looking for a handout from the traveling public, just like they do in our creek side and lakeside parks. The English seem to like the waterfowl, as many parks are enhanced with streams, ponds, small dams, and other water features.

The English also like to walk with their dogs. In the Peak District, the abandoned railroad tracks, bridges, and tunnels are in use as popular venues for brisk country walks. We stayed in Monsal Head where there is a pub located in an estate stable and the tables are in the stalls.

The policy is for man and his dog to have sustenance and beverages, but no children are allowed.

They don’t have any fenced cages or stalls to tie up your children, so I guess they just go hungry. Maybe a keeper handles the kids while the rest enjoy a good, cool pint. Mr. Lemon would be king of the Lake District. He would probably have his own stall to entertain the walkers when he wasn’t napping.

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