Small minority of brewery opponents not about best interests of Caz


To the editor:

Few potential additions to Cazenovia have come with such an overwhelmingly positive outlook as the suggested brewery, while also having the strong resistance of a few residents. As a longtime resident and firm believer in our community, it is hard for me to sit back and watch as the small group of opposition takes aim at a project which will be such a valuable asset to our community.

It has become largely clear during this process that the opposition’s mission is seemingly singular and not within the intentions to further our town’s prosperity. Over the past decade Cazenovia has been dwindling and in order for it to remain the place we all love we need to open our minds to additions which will enhance and help us grow. The recent addition of the Owera Winery and the popularity of Critz Farms have brought hope to our community and the proposed brewery will only enhance and project Cazenovia’s allure.

The resistance wants us to believe that they are in the best interests of the town, when it is clear they are not. They have stated over and over again that they are in favor of the project only to continually create unbacked propaganda in attempts to stop the project. While as a community we must strive to make sure our neighbors concerns are addressed when they are so closely affected, we must also realize when they may be operating under personal agendas.

Some residents have come out to protest claiming to be relatives of some of Cazenovia’s founders or to have owned property in the area for generations. The reality is that many of these complaints are coming from people who rarely live at these properties and only consider them vacation homes. Well that isn’t fair to the rest of us who call this place home and fully invest in our community year round.

Very few of my classmates have gone off to college and returned to raise a family here as I have, so I feel as though these fresh additions can hopefully attract others to do the same. As one of the many strong cogs in our community’s next generation, I firmly support this project.



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