The Locker Room, Unlocked

Now the attendant was also becoming frantic, stating they closed at 7 p.m., and she would need to start closing up at 6:45. She took what seemed to be an unprecedented step of bringing another gym member, a strong looking man, into the women’s locker room to see if a little more power would help. No, not this time, but he did notice that the locker did not seem to be jammed, but actually locked. He could be right about that, everyone agreed; perhaps the bolt had fallen into place when the door was slammed shut. It was possible, one could only suppose. Were there antiquated keys to the antiquated lockers?

Lynn was totally flustered, and began to think how was she going to escape this dilemma? She was wearing shorts and gym shoes; her keys were locked up in her jacket pocket. She had a crow bar in the car, but it was locked. The gym was closing in half an hour. While the attendant tried to locate the keys, Lynn asked to use the phone, and started dialing every resource she could think of: AAA to open the car, so she could get the crowbar; her friend to gain the keys to her apartment and a ride home; the host of the Super Bowl party. No, she did not have a cell phone.

Meanwhile, two sets of keys were located – probably one set was for the women’s lockers, and the other for the men’s, but they were not labeled. However they did have numbers, raising everyone’s hopes. Disappointingly, not one of the keys worked, even though the numbers matched. The attendant had left a message for her supervisor who was not at home. Neither was the janitor. Finally, a desperate call was made to the facility’s director, who was at home.

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