The Locker Room, Unlocked

The story I am about to tell is very difficult in the sense that the main character may seem to be exposed as a complete idiot. Such is far from my intent and, as a true story, my purpose in relating it here is to demonstrate the kindness of others, the irony and absurdity of life at times, and the ignition of gratitude. In fact, it is an illustration of gratitude in the making.

It was the day of the Super Bowl – February, and bitterly cold. When five o’clock came around, Lynn reasoned that she would go to the gym, have a brief workout, and shower there, instead of getting ready for the Super Bowl party at home. There should be just enough time, kickoff was at 6:30, and the gym was less than a mile away.

The timing seemed to be just perfect as Lynn finished her workout, and entered the locker room to shower and dress. The first locker she opened contained someone else’s clothes, so she tried the next one. That locker wouldn’t open, and hoping the third choice would be the charm, she was annoyed to find it was empty. With a big sigh, she returned to the locker that did not open the first time. Obviously, the one impossible to open, would be the one with her towel, change of clothes, and coat.

The locker door door would not budge; it must be jammed, she thought -- perhaps her coat or jeans were caught in the door. Realizing that she did not have time to fool with an uncooperative locker, she went out to the front desk to ask if they had a screwdriver or any tool to wedge the door open. The attendant insisted on coming to assess the situation herself. The screwdriver proved to be useless, as it started to bend when used to pry the door.

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