COLUMN: Proposed legislation would assist active military, veterans in New York

— Another bill I sponsor would exempt active military from paying sales and use tax on vehicles upon returning to New York. This was recently moved to the Assembly Ways and Means Committee and I’m pleased that a member from across the aisle, Assemblyman Colton, has taken an interest in this and agreed to work to help this pass in the Democratic-controlled Assembly. With this bipartisan effort, 51 sponsors recently signed onto this bill in the Legislature.

New York enacted a law a while back to discourage people from making out-of-state vehicle purchases simply to avoid paying state sales tax. Therefore, any vehicle purchased in another state is subject to sales tax in that state, and also subject to sales tax in New York when the vehicle is registered here. This law penalizes those in the military who keep their New York state residency and buy cars when stationed in other states. When members of the military return to New York and resume residency here, they are hit with state sales tax when they register their vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles because, more often than not, the military member registered their vehicle in the state where they were stationed and not in New York. Even though they may have paid sales tax in the state where they were stationed, they are also required to pay sales tax in New York upon return.

My bill would exempt military from paying this sales tax again. Again, this is the least we can do when our military personnel return home. This bill is in large part thanks to military service members who made my office aware of this when they were forced to pay sales tax in New York when they registered their vehicles here. It was an insult to them and to the sacrifices they made for their country. I am hopeful that we will pass this bill this session through this bipartisan effort.

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