Worried about the brewery project


To the editor:

My name is Denyse Ledyard Montegut and my family is one of the oldest families in the town of Cazenovia. I own Fernwood, a house that was built by my relative Lambertus Wolters Ledyard in 1874. It borders on the proposed Empire Brewery project.

As I have read a fair amount of Cazenovia history as it pertains to my family, I have learned much about Lambertus Wolters Ledyard and his near obsession with the preservation of Cazenovia’s caring way of life, its wonderful architecture and the special qualities of its community. He is one of a small number of people who have exerted a maximum of positive influence on Cazenovia’s history through his philanthropy.

What is my point in writing this? I am writing because I believe that the village of Cazenovia should undertake the same level of careful consideration that L.W. Ledyard would have insisted upon before bringing a commercial venture into the heart of historic Cazenovia.

Here are my worries:

✓That the “gain” that Cazenovia would supposedly see from rezoning will not be worth the irretrievable loss and precedent set;

✓That the half-million dollars in grants to the brewery owner might not be near the gain seen by the village;

✓That the millions of gallons of water that will be needed to process beer will negatively affect Cazenovia citizens — especially in drought years like the one we have recently seen (Miller-Coors states on its website that the global average amount of water needed in brewing is five barrels of water to produce one barrel of beer. One barrel is 32 gallons; 5x32 =160 gallons water to make 32 gallons of beer. The proposed 60,000 barrels of beer per year would therefore require 9,600,000 gallons of water — nearly 10 million gallons per year);

✓That the millions of gallons of sewage may not be able to be contained and processed properly. Are we set up to do this with our antiquated system, where — according to the newspaper — we already have a good deal controversy over sewage issues?

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