Give a new sport a try this spring

Basically, everyone throws their disc from the tee and then throws again from where it landed until they get it in the basket, just like regular golf.

I’ve never been huge on keeping score, but if you want to, most courses have signs posted that say the par for each hole. Hitting trees or other obstacles is no penalty, and is often unavoidable, though roads and bodies of water are considered out of bounds.

Be especially careful around water, I used to play a lot at Cuomo Lake Park in Lancaster, N.Y. and just about every time I played there I would have to tread or even swim into the lake or creek to retrieve a disc (most of them don’t float if you were wondering).

Skaneateles doesn’t have a course of its own, but you don’t have to travel far to find one. Emerson Park in Owasco is only about a 15-minute drive from the village and has an 18-hole course.

The course is in a semi-wooded area across the street from the Owasco Lake, so it isn’t super-scenic, but it is a good entry-level course since none of the holes are super challenging.

If you are looking to try something a little more challenging, there are also 18-hole courses at Jamesville Beach Park in Jamesville, Clay Park in Liverpool and a few other parks in the area have nine-hole courses, like Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville.

You can also play in your backyard or any local park by setting up an impromptu course using trees or benches as holes. This can be good for practice and to get a better idea for how the game works. Just make sure to be careful not to hit any innocent bystanders.

I’ve been throwing around discs for as long as I can remember and naturally I also love Kan Jam and ultimate, but I have found there is a different kind of appeal associated with disc golf. For me, it’s as much about walking around a rs with a few friends as it is the sport. Though, I’ll admit I love the feeling of really nailing a drive and watching my disc sail-250 feet.

So, next time you are bored or are looking for something to do with the kids or a few friends, I encourage you to give disc golf a whirl.

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