Give a new sport a try this spring

I’m not a big participant in winter sports, so I always am overjoyed when the warmer weather of spring finally rolls around. Of all the outdoor activities in my repertoire, one of my favorites in recent years has been disc golf.

While it may sound like a novelty or niche thing to some, disc golf has been growing in popularity quite a bit over the past 10 years or so. More courses are getting built all the time (there are more in CNY than most people realize) as they’re an easy way to convert an unused park space where there are some hills or trees, into something much more fun.

For anyone who has never played or is unfamiliar with it, I recommend trying it out this year. It is very cheap, easy to pick up and gets you outside and moving around in a park environment.

Basically the game is modeled after regular golf, but instead of hitting a ball you throw a disc.

Usually, the tees are marked by a sign and a brick embedded in the ground and the “holes” are a metal basket that you throw the disc into.

You’ll notice I call them discs not Frisbees. This is because Frisbee is the copyrighted name for discs made by Wham-O. Though, to be fair, the word has become commonly used for any flying disc, like with Kleenex or Xerox.

Most people who play use discs specially made for golfing. They are smaller than a typical disc, and come in different makes like driver, mid-range or putter. You can buy them at Dick’s Sporting Goods or online for about $7 to $10 each.

If you know what you are doing, these discs can fly really far and can be controlled to curve around obstacles and cut through wind. However, they can be frustrating to try and figure out at first, so for a beginner player I would recommend just using a regular Frisbee — whatever you already have around the house.

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