Fayetteville resident: What is the benefit of 20 homes on a small lot?

To the editor:

I was bothered by Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olson’s statement [regarding five former industrial sites now vacant in the village]: “Right now these properties are not benefiting anyone in the village.”

I can’t speak on the other sites, but I drive by the McIntyre property every day – many days more than once. I think it is located on one of the most popular hills on the South of the village and is a path to South Street (another popular hill for joggers and walkers), Wellwood Middle School and Beard Park. Every day I see joggers and bikers, walkers (including kids walking to school) and dog walkers. I see deer. I see the creek.

Yes, the land is vacant. Why does it have to be developed to be of benefit? Has thought been given to making it a green space – clean it up some, add a few benches, some gravel trails? How about having the garden club do some of what they do so well?

What is the “benefit to the community” (other than financial) of putting 20 homes on a relatively small lot, on a hill with a narrow, curved street?

Penny Davis – South Street, Fayetteville

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