LETTERS: Show voters a plan

— To the editor:

After reading Mr. Sykes and Mr. Salisbury's opinion of favoring the appointment rather than election of town highway superintendent, I have a few thoughts I would like to share with the citizens that will vote on this come November in Lysander and Van Buren.

An appointed position could involve nepotism also. If the town board is controlled by a majority, appointment will not change this problem. The appointed position could also become a "revolving door" of people, if the board is not happy with their appointment. The current highway supervisor pay is somewhere around $50,000 a year. The quality, skills and work ethic applicants bring to the table is usually determined by the pay involved.

At the Lysander public hearing on this issue, a few people asked the town board what their plan was if the vote passes in November. They either would not answer the question, or said the vote outcome would then let them talk to Van Buren and Baldwinsville more about the issue. The Lysander Board did say they had been in preliminary talks with the other boards that would be affected if the resolutions go through.

With only six or so weeks left before the public will vote on this issue, I am asking Mr. [Claude] Sykes, Mr. [John] Salisbury and Mr. [Joe] Saraceni to let the public see the plan they would like to implement if the town voters pass these resolutions. Hold question and answer sessions in the coming month to let people make an educated vote. Let us see if it will save us money or help the municipalities work toward sharing services or even consolidation. The public should be able to see what they are voting for before they vote for it.

Kevin Rode is a resident of Lysander.

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