LETTERS: Jalsman: Become involved in the planning process for South Meadows, VES

To the editor:

On Oct. 1, the Cazenovia Village Board will continue a public hearing on Gregg Development Corporation’s application for a zoning classification change from R-30 to R-6 for approximately 48 acres of undeveloped land, located to the east of Number Nine Road at the south edge of the village, to accommodate a housing development of approximately 68 “right-priced” homes. The development is to be known as South Meadows.

A number of concerns were expressed by village residents during the first public hearing. The hearing was extended to give board members time to consider the public’s comments and to allow for additional comments from the community.

This proposal deserves thorough scrutiny by the village board, planning board and the general Cazenovia community.

Along with property in the area known as Village Edge South, South Meadows is one of the last remaining undeveloped parcels in the village. It has a common property line with Village Edge South and shares many of the same issues, such as aquifer and well-head protection, view sheds, sewage and drainage capacity, traffic effects and appropriate zoning.

Simultaneous to the Gregg Development application, the village is conducting a reevaluation of the Village Comprehensive Plan’s recommendations for the use of Village Edge South. The existing Comprehensive Plan does not mention R-6 residential zoning, the classification requested by Gregg Development.

Village Edge South and South Meadows share a common boundary and the development of either parcel will have an impact on the infrastructure for both. Important consideration must be given to design and locate the path for the road through both properties that will connect Number Nine Road to Route 20.

Safety with proper accommodation for pedestrian and bicycle use is of utmost concern. Specifying this primary route before any build out plan is approved will assure that developers accommodate the desires and best interest of the community rather than ending up with a “one piece at a time” patchwork of streets.

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