Coffee with B'ville's Mayor - Infrastructure

Mr. Randall asked if the dump located at the end of Lock Street, which was capped with earth and clay back in the 1970s, would be rehabilitated.

“We’ve hidden an awful lot of stuff in the village,” Randall said, referring to how residents used to treat the village and waterfront decades ago.

Joe said the dump would not be part of the redevelopment of Lock Street, but that he hoped one day the waterfront property could be turned into green space, possibly soccer fields.

“The dump is a non-issue right now. It’s a potential green space where we can do something similar to what has been done on Paper Mill Island,” the mayor said.

The conversation turned to properties in the village including Tri County Mall. Joe said the current owners, along with help from Golden Legacy Apartment owners, have agreed to tear down the larger building that remains on the Tri-County Mall site and use the smaller building for commercial use.

The conversation ended with Mr. Randall telling us about a telephone call he received from whom he thought was his grandson.

“People have a rhythm when they talk and it sounded exactly like my grandson,” Randall said, adding the person who called said, “Grandpa, I need help.”

Randall said the man told him he and some friends had been stopped by cops, who found drugs in the car. The man then said he needed $3,000 in bail money to get out. Randall said something wasn’t right because he kept telling his “grandson” to call his father who could help him when the man said he would settle for $1,000. Randall, again, told him to call his father, when the man said he would try that. As it turned out, the phone call was a scam.

Fortunately, Randall did not lose any money, but he was caused some undue stress thinking his grandson was in trouble. He contacted the police after learning it was a scam and found out the same thing had happened numerous times around the county.

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