LETTERS: Yankowski considers unanswered questions about hydrofracking

To the editor:

The truth about hydraulic fracturing gets buried in an avalanche of money, as is being done by the gas groups pressuring lawmakers.

Also, the avalanche of money through TV ads distorts or hides the negative facts of this heavy industrial gas drilling. Some towns just refuse to present informational meetings that give the pros and cons of hydrofracking.

Open meeting laws, public hearings and home rule should be followed throughout our country. If citizens of a town don’t want a heavy industry, it shouldn’t be rammed down their throats.

Who’s going to take responsibility when something goes wrong? The town, gas companies, the individual or the leased land owner? Water, air, roads, land, peoples health or real estate — who will pay?

If it’s safe, I’ll repeat this over and over — why are NYC and Skaneateles watersheds protected from hydrofracking? The DEC will not allow gas drilling/fracking there. So why is the DEC considering allowing it in our watersheds?

If hydrofracking is safe, why did the gas industry lobby at great expense to get exemptions from many important regulations that had protected our environment and health for decades?

If hydrofracking is safe — why isn’t there full disclosure of chemicals?

If hydrofracking is safe — why is there a gag order on doctors and nurses in Pennsylvania when treating patients who may have become sick from exposure to fracking chemicals?

If hydrofracking is safe — why is there no place in NYS or PA to dispose of its by-product? Flowback fluid, the contaminated wastewater, must be shipped out of state to Ohio.

The truth is heavy industrialized hydrofracking is not safe. In order to put a halt on this, all townships must be protected by a moratorium or ban; water and air know no boundaries.

Contact your town supervisor and demand a hold on this heavy industry from invading your town.

Joe Yankowski


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