Uncommon difficulties require uncommon sense

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President Barack Obama has a similar decision to make in the Middle East with regards to difficulty. Caught between Iraq and a hard place, he must decide what to do when Israel insists on confounding the world by picking a fight with Iran. This is like the stupid little stepbrother throwing eggs at the street gang. You know you have to protect the loveable little scoundrel but you wish he could just hold onto his eggs.

It’s a powder keg about to blow, a chasm in the elevated platform about to appear. Obama could make the right choice but lose his political life. Or, he could wind up lucky like me. I fell through and landed in the back seat of a big old Pontiac convertible.

In Chicago, 26,000 members of the teachers union are on strike because they can’t accept a 16 percent raise over four years, accountability standards and a change in re-hiring practices. This reminds me of a dream alternative where I saved myself and allowed my children to fall into the gorge.

It’s not like these Illinois educators, earning on average $70,000 a year, are producing a stellar product, many of their pupils leave school without the ability to read. They hold Chicago hostage for demands of more money in their pockets to send their own children to private schools.

I’m all for unions, but unlike the NFL, where referees are easily replaceable or the NHL, where most people wouldn’t even know if a hockey season happens or not, the teachers are morally and fiscally bankrupting an entire city.

Pitting Democrats against Democrats can’t be productive for the national party, and once again the President finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Of course, it all may be history by the time you read this, which is one of the reasons why columns are difficult.

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