COLUMN: Candidate aims to ‘Restore Pride’ in Lysander

— I hope you all have had a really nice summer and have managed to keep as cool as possible during one of the hottest and driest summers on record.

Kindly allow me to introduce myself to you as I continue the campaign to be your next elected Lysander town councilor. My name is Russ Johnson and, together with my wife, Sue, daughter, Susanne, dog, Cesar, and Susanne’s cat, Angel, we are very thrilled to be a part of the Lysander community. We look forward to many more enjoyable years to come.

First, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the hundreds of Lysander residents who were gracious enough to sign my petitions allowing me to get on the ballot this November. For those of you with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, it was great to discuss the future of town government as well as the many other issues we talked about - and there were many. However, the one prevailing theme I heard from so many of you that continues to reverberate with me is that you are sick and tired of all the political fighting, name-calling and downright nastiness of the political season, especially local campaigns. I agree.

To that end, the theme of my campaign is “Restore Pride.” This is the motto once used by a dear friend who served as mayor of a small community to our north. He has since passed, but his legacy in the success of bringing together a once torn community will always live on. In that regard, I have chosen to reinvigorate this motto in the aftermath of last year’s very tumultuous election.

As we progress with the election process over the coming several weeks, I commit to you that my campaign will be upbeat, non-adversarial and highly positive. I will not engage in the politics of personal destruction like we saw last year, nor will I demean or belittle the members of the current town board. They are good people with very good intentions. It is my hope that with your support, in combination with my deep experience in local government, I can help our local officials build sound and reasonable public policy that will positively shape our community for decades to come. I believe we all deserve a break from the mud-slinging and personal attacks, and I am confident that whoever else seeks this position will do the same. We are too small of a community for that type of counter-productive behavior.

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