LETTERS: Symonds to village board: Revisions to CP should not be done piecemeal

To the editor:

As a 23-year resident and taxpayer in the village, I am very concerned about some of the business that is currently before the trustees.

Most of the time the village government moves along very smoothly and people’s concerns are taken care of without any problems. However, this summer I have been disturbed by some proposals that are being given serious consideration.

I believe that if the village is going to make major changes to the Comprehensive Plan it should not be doing it piecemeal.

The point of the years and money spent on the plan was to avoid just what is now taking place. I realize that the village and the town governments are anxious to increase the tax base, and that was considered when the Comprehensive Plan was passed four years ago.

Admittedly, there may be a basis for reconsidering some of the decisions made at that time. However, when changes are inserted on a piecemeal or patchwork basis, as is now happening, the local governments are falling back on the old ways which proved so unsatisfactory in the past.

For example, this year 22 acres of property were annexed by the trustees for the construction of a brewery on Rippleton Road. Now there are proposals to rezone all or part of the Village Edge South zone (that zone borders all of the East side of South Village) and the R-30 zone, which borders most of the southern edge of South Village, to much greater density.

The land in question includes about one third or more of the well-head protection area. When these three zoning changes are considered together, instead of incrementally, they are substantial changes that will have significant impacts on the village’s infrastructure from roads to police and fire protection. I suggest that a more in-depth examination of the south edge of the village be done soon.

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