Village institutes new penalties for people with outstanding parking fines

Wheel-locking device, publication of violator names to begin

— The Skaneateles Village Board has recently enacted certain parking remedies to be able to retrieve overdue/outstanding parking revenue that has plagued the village for years.

In conjunction with the police department, letters for non-payment of these tickets have gone out and are continuing to go out on a weekly basis. The police department has purchased a wheel-locking device that disables motor vehicles and prevents the owners from being able to get their vehicle back until their fines and penalties are paid.

You can check to see if you may have any outstanding parking fees due to the village by visiting iparkapp.com and typing in your plate number.

If you have older plates that have been destroyed or turned in and you think you may have parking tickets on those, you can call the Skaneateles Police Dept. at 685-3819 and they can check for you.

The village is also looking into the possibility of turning over any unpaid tickets to a collections agency and to NYS DMV scofflaw, which may hamper car owner attempts to re-register their vehicle and/or renew their driver’s license. The village board has made a decision to monitor these activities on a continual basis to ensure that tickets are paid in a more timely manner and that persistent violators do not accumulate several outstanding fees.

The village parking lot has pay stations that have been installed there since 2006, and the instructions are written on those parking stations. These fees have not been raised since the installation date and remain one of the least expensive places to park in the area, if not the state.

The meters on the street also have their own instructions, and both areas are constantly being enforced by our police dept.

As always, you can call the police department administrative line for more information at 685-3819. We will be publishing in next week’s paper the top 40 violators who owe the village the most in parking fines.

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