We’ve come a long way, baby

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Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock.

Admit it, there’s no lullaby for the man in charge.

To be that guy, you must relentlessly measure your progress and move along. There is no pausing to reflect, no time for accolades and satisfaction.

You can’t count your money while you’re still sitting at the table. And if you even try to rest on your laurels, the bough is bound to break.

So here we are, coming up on the conclusion of the four-year reign of Obama, the neoteric captain of the Democratic Party persuasion. A little more than half the country promised those four years, by virtue of their votes. The smaller half practically promised from the very beginning there would not be four more, which is kind of like granting your kid high school with no chance of college afterward, no matter how deserving he might be.

It astounds me that almost half the country despises the President enough to withhold the advancement of his education. It’s not for the cause, or just selfishness; it’s downright mean.

I have a theory about hatred. I believe people hate their own weaknesses and turn mean toward others when the admittance of that weakness is threatened. People like to believe their thing is better than your thing and they cling to that belief beyond severe limits. It’s like giving up your seat on a bus to a cripple but not the exhausted jogger who just completed five miles and tweaked his ankle.

Maybe Bin Laden is gone and General Motors is still here, but the doomsday dybbuks insist that the great American experiment of allowing a person of color to hold the most powerful position in the land has gone awry.

Health care for everyone, once a noble possibility, is now a nuisance for those who had it their way all along, thank you very much.

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