LETTERS: Show me the details

— Recently, the Lysander and Van Buren supervisors began campaigning to change their highway superintendent positions from elected to appointed status. Those fine gentlemen have plenty of life experiences and ideas that can improve our towns, but I don’t believe that this is one of them.

They say that their intention is to improve communication, cooperation and inter-governmental sharing between our towns and the village of Baldwinsville. They say that this might even save some taxpayers’ money. They say this is the first step in a consolidated effort to improve our Baldwinsville community.

I say that it looks more like an effort to consolidate power, but I could be wrong. As they say in Missouri, “Show me.”

Unfortunately, no details, facts or figures are available at this time from their team.

What is the hurry to disrupt two, long-standing institutions when you haven’t yet worked out the details?

For my part, I have studied and researched the concept and found that it made little difference in the capabilities of the organizations that choose to go either way. The only notable difference is that an elected official cannot supervise the employees of another jurisdiction, but I can’t imagine why that would ever be desirable. There is actually nothing to stop an elected superintendent from working his or her crew in another jurisdiction provided that the two boards involved have an agreement in place.

Please be assured that nothing I have said here should be interpreted as a break between the Lysander Town Board and myself. Twenty six years of military service taught me to be a team player and I remain so. Because this matter directly affects our Lysander highway crew, I felt that the public should know what my thoughts on it are.

Gene Dinsmore is the Lysander Highway Superintendent.

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