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In the beginning, the sun appeared on one horizon and disappeared on the opposite one.

The early humans were frightened when the sun was gone; it was their first experience of loss. They stayed up for hours wondering what to do about it and eventually fell asleep. When they awoke with the returning sunlight, they were overjoyed.

Of course, they had no way of knowing about the planet’s rotation and they just thought it was a whole new ball of light that came their way.

This phenomenon occurred again and again until one curious Sherlock, let’s call him Bubba, decided to follow the path of the fiery sphere in the sky.

The game was afoot. He ran for miles and miles but could not keep up. Finally Bubba collapsed. After giving it all he had, he decided to call it a day.

Many thousands of years later, when several writers were getting together to create a book, the one book that anyone would ever need, they decided they needed a catchy beginning.

Thinking that the beginning of Earth would be a good start, they tied it in with the beginning of time itself. Thus they proclaimed, the inventor of time, let’s call him God, created Earth in six of Bubba’s days. After which, God, also the inventor of time off, decided to take a break.

So in one fell swoop, time was invented, the vacation was invented and the week was invented. These were things Bubba neither thought about nor needed, but God knew that humans would eventually require a day of rest on Sunday, a payday on Friday, Monday Night Football and so on.

Fast forward to 2012, the days of the week are now recognized as a mathematical equation called 24/7. Nobody rests on Sunday, payday can be anytime and football can be seen on any of several nights.

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