LETTERS: Resident addresses Muraco, pleads for additional consideration of Enders Home

To the editor:

I wish to send a message to Mr. David Muraco: As August draws to a close, it is probable that the Enders Home on Route 20 is no longer under rental contract and you are preparing to demolish it.

It is your right to do so. I would only ask that you take into consideration the permanent destruction of a piece of Cazenovia history and the effect it will have on the community’s perception of you as a caring citizen of this unique village.

Those of us who live in and love the old homes here beg you to reconsider.

You may visit my home at any time and see what living in a historic home can be like. I enjoy the feelings of permanence that sharing a home with so many previous owners can give me, and that sense of stewardship that owning a vintage home gives me. (There is, of course, the constant maintenance and upkeep, but you get that in any home.)

We live on Lincklaen Street, in an 1830s “development” that helps define what life was like in an earlier time here. These older homes are desirable properties — and any “ugly modernization” can be undone, and the home can still be eminently livable and comfortable in the 21st century.

Please come visit us at 55 Lincklaen St. And please reconsider your decision to demolish the Enders Home — your status in the community would be much elevated by such an unselfish and community-minded action.

Patti Smith


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