LETTERS: Concerns regarding new Lysander board

— In regards to making a highway superintendent and town clerk an appointed position in the town of Lysander: if consolidation of the three municipalities (Van Buren, Lysander and village of Baldwinsville) were actually going to happen, this would probably be a good idea. However, they have been talking about this for years. I probably won’t see it happen in my lifetime. All talk, but nothing comes out of it. No one wants to give up their choice to run all three. It’s about ‘my choice is the better one than yours.’

I know this town board of Lysander at least three of them quite well (Mr. Salisbury, Andy Reeves and Melinda Shimer) as I was part of this group when it all started to get rid of Barry Bullis.

I too did not want him in office any longer either. He got way too comfortable with his job and not listening to the taxpayers of Lysander who paid his salary and foot the town’s bills.

I was a member of the Lysander Bipartisan Committee group who had good intentions at first then everything went astray and way off track on how to proceed.

Things were done behind our backs and covered up and then we weren’t even included in the proceedings any longer. They went on their merry way and changed everything that we set out to do in the first place.

Mr. Salisbury surely was not their first pick for Lysander supervisor, but then that all went wrong and they were desperate to get someone who was well know and liked in the B’ville area and had held many positions, plus was well qualified to be the supervisor.

He did not openly want the position at all, but when Mr. [Joe] Coleman backed out, due to certain circumstances that had happened, I’m sure they begged John [Salisbury] to run for this position. He truly carried this town board to election.

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