LETTER: Shame on you, Don Miller


Shame on you Don

To the editor:

Don Miller knows that you can’t campaign on or in Church property. Don Miller allowed the Right to Life party to use his ad for re-election to be put on cars in the church parking lot before all the masses, telling people to re-elect Mr. Miller.

I am sure that he had to give his approval for this to happen even though he knows it is wrong and dangerous. The churches do not pay any taxes because they are exempt and because of “The separation of church and state.” Mr. Miller’s attempt could jeopardize that long standing protection, and he knows that.

So much for protecting our rights, but now he is trampling on all the churches.

The NYS Right to Life Political Committee also is aware of this. They did not even have the courtesy to call and ask for or explain their reason for this outrageous decision. These tactics by any candidate should tell us where their loyalties lie.

Don Miller must not have been around or forgot what the butchers did to women before Roe vs Wade. I am not for abortion on demand, but I am not a women so I can’t make such statements as Mr. Miller as being their protectors.

Donald J Kelly


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