LETTERS: Vote yes to appoint highway superintendent

— We, the four new members of the Town Board of Lysander, have been working diligently on your behalf, rectifying the many problems that we have been presented with from the past administration. We have been accused, by some residents, of being too slow in making changes and by others of being too fast. We are sometimes in a catch 22, but we persevere in doing what we believe is the right and prudent thing to do for all of Lysander.

One thing we hope to make right is to change Lysander Highway Superintendent’s position from elective to appointive. We are asking the voters to thoroughly consider this proposition and hope that they will recognize that this change will enhance the position and make the town government more responsive to the residents. It is counterproductive to elect a board and supervisor to run the town without giving them the ability to oversee two departments, highway superintendent and town clerk. As a former chief operating officer of three different law firms, I find it very difficult to work with people who have no responsibility to report to or work with me and the elected board. To rectify this situation, the current town board, through the referendum, is presenting a means to streamline the administration of our Lysander Town Government. When you think of town government, you think of the supervisor and town councilors, not of the individual departments. When you have a complaint, you don’t want to hear, “I am sorry, but that person is elected and does not report to the supervisor and town board.”

Why vote yes on the proposition to change highway superintendent from elected to appointed?

A higher standard will be set for candidates applying for the appointive position.

The town board will be continue to be responsible for the highway budget and will assume the responsibility for overseeing the performance and evaluation process of the highway department and its employees.

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