LETTERS: Vote Hickey Nov. 6

— We are rapidly approaching Election Day 2012. This is a very important election. We will elect a President, Vice President, Senate and House members along with state and county positions. Here in Lysander, we will be electing a councilor, highway superintendent and vote on a proposition to change the highway superintendent’s position from elective to appointive. While all that is going on, we hear from the other candidate, chosen by the Lysander Republican Committee to run on the Republican line that he wants to “Restore Pride” to the Town of Lysander. We have certainly not lost our pride in Lysander.

Pride is defined as conceit, justifiable self-respect, haughty behavior and ostentatious behavior. The previous administration certainly displayed many of the definitions of pride. The other candidate wants to take the Town of Lysander back to the days of “pride.” Let’s remember those days of “pride”. . .

Do we want to return to no bidding for professional services, which totaled $1,800,000 for the period Jan. 1, 2010 until Oct. 31, 2011? Do we want to return to the practices that are highlighted as areas of concern in the audit report prepared by the Division of Local Government and School Accountability for the 22-month period ending Oct. 31, 2011? Do we want to return to the practice of not maintaining the building, which houses the offices of Lysander Town Government? Do we want our town government to be run by only those people who serve on or are related to one of the 40 members of the Lysander Republican Committee?

Why would we elect the other candidate, who has lived in our town for less than three years, has received the endorsement of the Republican Party because he joined the Lysander Republican Committee this past spring, and wants to take the town backwards?

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