LETTERS: Think twice before giving up vote

— These are just a few financial details that would seem to warrant a detailed investigation. There is a possibility that some of these shared services or potential consolidations could create savings for Lysander but, there is also a significant chance these measures could create additional costs in terms of service and capital. Hopefully there is a way to work together and create savings for all, however, there may be winners and losers if these governments were to come together in part or as a whole. We need to do the math and take a good hard look at some of these ambitious plans before we walk blindly into a situation that could do more harm than good.

I would like to see some of the plans that the board has flushed out in detail before we start making sweeping changes to a local government that has a history of sound finance. The referendum that is to take place this fall changing the Town of Lysander Highway Superintendent from an elected position to an appointed one, is an example of Lysander’s town board having good intentions but circumventing the diligent investigation required before making a substantial change that could have considerable negative side effects.

Before we give up our voice and our vote on highway superintendent, request that the Lysander Town Board produce a five-year plan that outlines their intent and includes a feasibility study that shows potential savings or loss. Without this information we are making a blind bet. Think twice about giving government your vote without a detailed plan that will foster accountability. Vote no to forfeiting your vote and changing Lysander Highway Superintendent from an elected to an appointed position.

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