A 100-acre rubber stamp?


We reserve our opinion on the overall value of this project for a later date. We do, however, have a major concern at how the planning board apparently rubber stamped the environmental assessment in the face of contradictory conclusions.

At the meeting it was stated by representatives of VSM Enterprises that the complex would be constructed in one phase, and later they said three phases. There was no clarification as to exactly how many phases there would be, and nobody on the planning board appeared to even notice the inconsistency.

Also, the building plans that have been for an approximately 100,000-square-foot facility suddenly were described as a 171,000-square-foot facility with no explanation as to the increase and no questions from planning board members as to the change.

There are very serious concerns about what happened at last week’s planning board meeting. They certainly will be broached at the November public hearing, and the board better be prepared with some acceptable answers.

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