Cazenovia Lake Sewers: A rush to judgment

Guest Column

At the Watershed Council meeting we were told that notwithstanding the absence of any new empirical data the town had decided to inquire yet again of certain of the property owners (those located in the Northeast Cazenovia Lake Sewer District) how they now felt about the proposed project.

We suggested to the town’s representatives at that meeting and in calls and meetings subsequent thereto that decisions should be made after all reasonably available information has been collected, reviewed and discussed by those to be affected.

We asked the town to refrain from sending an additional letter or to rewrite portions of the proposed letter to better reflect the many unknowns in the proposed project but the town refused to wait. It appears the town has decided to get the proposed project approved, notwithstanding the negative vote from the student poll or the lack of quality information.

It is our belief that the property owners on the lake are capable of making their own decisions and do not need their town government making those decisions for them.

The town has advised it intends to schedule a meeting to discuss the sewer/water project. We would recommend that property owners refrain from further expressions of interest either for or against the proposed project until such time as the issues have all been fully vetted.

If we need to spend more time, even if it takes an additional one to two years to gather good and complete scientific and cost information for a project of this magnitude and importance to our community, then perhaps that should be the answer.

Jerry Maywright is a Cazenovia resident, and was a member of the initial community group that originally identified and ultimately gained approval for the chemical treatment of Cazenovia Lake. He may be reached at jmaywri1@twcny.rr.com.

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