Additional consideration is needed for Cazenovia Lake sewers systems

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How can the tests results be so different?

One observation from the second sampling by Cunningham seems to make a good point about the influence of waterfowl on lake-water quality. The test done “100 yards west of Route 20 and Route 13” reflects an increase in E. Coli/CFU from 60 to 670.

There are no homes at that location, so it may be safe to assume the lake was impacted by outside sources. Anyone familiar with the lake knows this is a place where waterfowl gather in mass. Was runoff also a problem?

A second example of intellectually challenging data is Hickory Lane, which has both public water and sewer. How can this test point have E. Coli/CFU of 100 unless outside factors are driving the results?

If the Cazenovia Town Board is going to make a determination regarding sewers, such a determination should be founded on the best possible, scientifically obtained information. Water samples taken without consideration for excessive rain or wind and samples that do not eliminate the influence of outside sources are, with all due respect, not samples of any value and certainly not samples upon which any decision regarding a very significant expenditure should be made.

The decision to publish the results of either of the water samplings on the town’s website was irresponsible and may well have caused significant economic damage to the owners of lake property and the town as a whole.

Until reliable samples can be obtained which exclude all outside factors no results should be published

If, ultimately, a decision is made to install some type of waste treatment around the lake, how should it be paid for? The town presently has a sewer district and to the best of my knowledge all residents of the town are assessed a sewer tax.

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