Additional consideration is needed for Cazenovia Lake sewers systems

Guest Column

The Cazenovia Town Board has apparently decided that the town residents who live on the lake need or want sewers and public water.

Everyone who purchased property on Cazenovia Lake knew at the time of purchase whether or not the property they were buying had sewer or water. Each purchaser knew or should have known that there was a cost to establish and maintain their private water and waste systems.

The town of Cazenovia and the County (or State) Department(s) of Health have published rules that regulate potable water and waste disposal. Does Cazenovia need new rules and systems or do we need to utilize regulations presently in place? How do we make that decision?

Let’s separate the subjects of water and sewer as being issues of convenience and sanitation.

With regard to water, published information says there are 380 properties covered by the survey conducted on behalf of the town by Naixin Bi and others. I do not know how many people take their drinking water from the lake, but let’s assume that number is approximately 38, or 10 percent of the total properties.

We have not seen any statistics showing that those taking water from the lake are unable to create private water sources if they had to do so. While there is an expense to installing a well and water treatment system, if necessary, that is the homeowner’s obligation and a risk they assumed at the time of purchase. This possible issue faced by a small minority of individuals is not a reason to impose a significant cost on other lake homeowners by mandating an extension of the public water system.

As to the issue of sanitation, the analysis becomes slightly more complex. The lake presently possesses certain water qualities, the source of all of which may or may not be capable of determination.

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