Board funds fed suit defense, new police cars

— “In the village environment, they really take a beating because there's a lot more stopping and going,” said North Syracuse Police Chief Michael Crowell.

“It comes to a point where you are throwing good money after bad,” Atkinson said, referring to the older cars. “Our cars slipped a little bit over the last few years. It's not through anybody's negligence other than there wasn't any money. Initially we did budget for one car. However, looking at some of this data the chief has put together, I'm interested in two cars. I think a lease is a good way to go. Interest rates were 2.6 percent, so the rates were really low. We do have the money on hand to outfit them for $5,000 each.”

The new cars will be Dodge Chargers.

Originally, the board only budgeted for one new police car this year. Trustee Paul Linnertz, as the only dissenting vote, cited this as the reason for his negative vote. He also proposed one possible way the village might save more money with the fleet.

“Another way of saving money would be to do some in-house maintenance,” Linnertz said. “I talked to [DPW Superintendent] Gary [Wilmer] about this recently. Even if we paid one of Gary's employees an hour or two of overtime every other week to maintain police vehicles, we'd be ahead rather than shipping out all the police cars for maintenance.”

The mayor said he was interested in the idea.

In other business:

The board passed a resolution accepting Singleton Avenue as part of the village. The avenue is near Toll Road Senior Apartments.

Chief Crowell announced the police department would be doing extra patrols on Halloween night and officers would be handing out glow sticks for safety to the children.

The board discussed the merits of renewing a contract with the county for around $3,200 for the village to plow to the end of Chestnut Street.

“We've done it in the past, but there's been some discussion on whether it's a good idea or not,” Atkinson said, “For the purposes of safety I'm leaning towards renewing.”

Finally, the mayor also announced the North Onondaga Public Library's “Green Jobs-Green NY Home Performance Program,” which will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18 at the library. Admission is free. The presentation educates the public on a state-funded program that allows residents to get free home energy assessments and find out about home improvement incentives and financing options.

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