LETTERS: Study would be first step

The following is a response to Kevin Rode’s letter "Show voters a plan" from Van Buren Supervisor Claude Sykes.

To the editor:

Kevin [Rode] seems to imply there is a hidden agenda here, which there is not. Yes, we have been talking about cooperative efforts, consolidation via intermunicipal agreements or at some point the possibility of three municipalities consolidating, but there is no plan. It is still in the talking stages and a lot of homework needs to be done before a plan is developed. In fact, the first step before any plan would be to have a study conducted. This is a very convoluted and difficult task and should not be entered into without having all the facts, i.e. a study.

As for the highway superintendent becoming appointed, if any of this were to ever continue forward, and the superintendent were to remain elected, if the superintendent did not agree with the merger efforts he could work to block the efforts and have a competing agenda. From my experience, having served for decades as an appointed superintendent, the taxpayers are best served with an appointed superintendent. You either do the job to the best of your ability or the municipality will find someone who will. It is that simple.

Claude Sykes is the Van Buren Supervisor.

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