Redistricting options discussed at LCSD board meeting

— Patterson said, given the other work her team does on a regular basis, she wasn’t sure they’d be able to complete the redistricting project within the BOE’s given timeline.

“The board had said to us a number of times, ‘Tell us when this might be very difficult for you to do, to take on a full project,’ so we'd like to tell you this would be a very difficult project for us to take on,” she said.

“So if I understand you correctly, your team’s perspective is, there are really two options for us,” Rosier said. “One is to use Mrs. Kuno in conjunction with folks and the other is to use a consulting firm. It sounds like the team is saying to us, please pick option two or option three. It's not that we are unwilling to do option one, but it would be really difficult to do it and do it well.”

But Superintendent Dr. Richard Johns felt that the district had the ability to handle the project without hiring an external firm.

“My opinion hasn't changed from day one. I think we have the internal resources to answer the question of redistricting best,” Johns said. “I think we'll pay an awful lot of money for folks that know what we already know. Secondly, as far as Mrs. Kuno goes, I would use her much the same way as an editor. I would have our internal folks look at drawing up various boundaries and I would have her come in and critique the various scenarios that they come up with.”

Other board members said they would prefer to know the possible costs of using an external firm before making a final decision.

“I think we're all sitting here talking in an ethereal sense about using a consultant or using Mrs. Kuno with a consultant or using Mrs. Kuno with our own people or whatever, and nobody knows what the price tag on that is,” said board member Donald Cook. “Nobody knows what the numbers are. What would a redistricting company cost us? I don't know. I think that without that information I don't know what decision to make.”

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