Thankful to be crazy, inspirational

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Why don’t we consume more cranberries and less turkeys?

There’s nothing wrong with the neighborly breaking of bread, but the turkey always seems to get the short end of the drumstick. There’s nothing wrong with watching sports, but I’m quite fed up with watching the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions every single year. There’s nothing wrong with having a feast unless it is overblown, ostentatious and wasteful. And there’s nothing wrong with a national holiday, but the fourth Thursday in November seems kind of random.

Speaking of which, we were playing a game of “Apples and Oranges,” where you have to choose one out of seven cards in your hand that best describes the card the dealer puts down.

For instance, my wife was dealing and put down a card that said fuzzy. All the players had to choose one card from their hands that best fit the word fuzzy. My cards were Super Bowl, Bangkok, Dickens, poison ivy, citrus, steak and potatoes and exciting, none a good choice for fuzzy.

Whatever card she picked, that person took the fuzzy card and at the end of the game, you get to read off the cards you won to show an overall assessment of your nature and personality. My two cards were crazy and inspirational, which my wife deemed perfect.

I may be crazy, but in my house, I think Thanksgiving is a daily event. I cook dinner every night, most times a small feast, to be shared with my family and sometimes friends. We often sit around afterward rubbing our well-fed bellies while watching a sports event or some other entertaining TV program.

And every single day I’m thankful for the bounty that I’ve received in food, family and friends. Everyday I repeat my vows of love for my beautiful wife and children, my commitment to my community and country and my service to God and mankind.

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