Fayetteville Village Board to consider moratorium on animal law

Mayor says law doesn't address issues of noisy dogs, roosters

— “My husband had three, and I had two, and we got married,” she said. “So now we have five dogs.”

The board moved to accept her request, but Trustee Mike Small suggested the law be changed to require that future waiver requests include a recommendation from a veterinarian.

Code Enforcement Officer Greene recommended the board keep the original law and suspend the recent amendment. Trustee Dennis Duggleby questioned whether the law needed to be suspended at all.

“Why bother suspending anything?” he said. “Other communities, like Chittenango, any more than two it’s a kennel. So we’re not being unreasonable by asking somebody that has five dogs to come in.”

Olson urged that the law needs to be reviewed and the issue reevaluated.

“There are so many avenues to this thing,” he said, adding that the time and resources the law requires of the village could be spent on more important issues.

Olson directed Greene to suspend enforcement activity on the amendment limiting pet ownership by number and directed Village Attorney Ted Spencer to draft a moratorium on the entire animal law. Trustee Small will spearhead a committee of residents that will review the issue for three months, Olson said.

The board will hold a public hearing before passing the moratorium.

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TomAger 2 years, 5 months ago

I believe that money can be spent on something more important than this.


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