Fayetteville Village Board to consider moratorium on animal law

Mayor says law doesn't address issues of noisy dogs, roosters

— The Fayetteville Village Board is having second thoughts about a local law that limits pet ownership to three dogs, three cats and three rabbits.

“We have made a situation that is not the best situation to deal with the issue of the barking dog, the excess rooster or all these other things,” Mayor Mark Olson said at Monday’s meeting. “I’ve heard from both sides everywhere I go that they think this law is either not needed or wasn’t done correctly.”

The law was adopted by the board in January and amended on Sept. 24 to put a number on pets village residents can own. The law states that residents must get special permission from the village board if they want to have more than three of the animals deemed domestic: dogs, cats and rabbits. To have any other animal, such as a gerbil, snake or chicken, residents must get consent from the state or the town of Manlius and the village of Fayetteville.

The September amendment limiting pet ownership followed a complaint of seven dogs living at a home on Warren Street and barking into the night, said Code Enforcement Officer Richard Greene. Complaints of roosters on South Street inspired the original law passed in January, he said.

Mayor Olson said people have told him that the law does not resolve issues such as excessive animal noise or feces.

“I’d like to have the law suspended until we can have a committee formed to review the best way to deal with the three, three, three, or the waivers, or the whole thing,” he said.

Prior to announcing his doubts about the law, Olson read a letter from Brigitte Page, of Brookside Lane, requesting permission to have five dogs.

Page said if it were up to her, she would not have five dogs. But she said they are regularly groomed, exercise routinely, eat well and are up-to-date on medical care. They are also fenced in.

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TomAger 2 years, 10 months ago

I believe that money can be spent on something more important than this.


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