DeWitt tables proposal to ban parking on Halton Road

— Three residents voiced their concerns about a proposal to further limit parking on Halton Road at the Nov. 12 DeWitt Town Board meeting.

Supervisor Ed Michalenko said the proposal followed some complaints from residents of the neighborhood. The town highway and police departments performed traffic studies, he said, and found that banning parking along the southbound lane of the road would make it safer for emergency response vehicles.

“They are recommending that we put a no-parking zone on Halton Road basically from the intersection of Waldorf Parkway pretty much through to East Colvin Street,” he said.

“I live on Halton Road, kind of on the East Colvin side,” said Ravi Adhikary. His house has a one-car garage and a small driveway for parking, he said, and the opposite side of the road is already a no-parking zone. The town prohibited parking alongside the northbound lane in August 2010, Michalenko said.

“So we have little parking there, and it would be kind of an inconvenience,” Adhikary said. “Occasionally we do have to park in front of our house.”

Judy Hoysak, who lives on the corner of Halton Road and Waldorf Parkway, said the ban would not affect her, since her driveway opens onto Waldorf.

“So I don’t have a parking issue, personally, but I’m concerned for my neighbors,” she said.

Mary Perun, of Halton Road, asked why the no-parking zone was being proposed.

“I bought my house in 1998, and I never really dealt with any problems in terms of maneuvering the street,” she said. “Except recently with all of the National Grid work.”

As a member of a local church board, she said she relies on the street parking when she hosts their annual Christmas dinner.

“I have, once a year, a large gathering of people at my house for that occasion, and we utilize the street for parking. And it’s just an inconvenience,” she said.

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