Cleaning up a Fine mess

Saga of ex-SU assistant a cautionary tale in many ways

And the other part of this story is even more troubling. The iffy nature of the accusations against Fine might keep those legitimately abused from stepping forward, either to law enforcement or to advocacy groups like Vera House, and telling their stories, because people might not believe them.

I hope, and pray, that this does not happen. Conspiracies of silence protected abusers for far too long, whether in the Catholic Church, or the Boy Scouts, or with “people” like Jerry Sandusky. If we don’t protect children, or anyone that’s been abused, we are abandoning a fundamental responsibility of a civilized society.

More than a year after the first ugly cycle of charges against Bernie Fine saw daylight, the irony is that we aren’t even close to enlightenment, nor are we likely to ever know the whole story. If only we were so cautious in the first place.

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