The honeymoon is over

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Though the president applauded both parties of voters in particular, he also seems to harbor a strong concern for the disenfranchised, the hopeless, the immigrants and the children, or the other two-thirds of the national population. In fact, his interest in the welfare of others seems to transcend the country’s political boundaries, to blanket all of the forlorn and destitute souls of the world.

Obama took office after the disaster. He organized the recovery, directed the life boats and got the country back on its feet. There is still a cleanup to be completed and the long and arduous task of rebuilding an America to an even stronger and more prosperous standard of living.

He is the man for the job, but there needs to be many more.

In the future there lies a peace that the world has never seen; as more and more countries get stronger and govern their people with fairness, tolerance and an acceptance of all who want nothing but to live and to let live. This is a future that will grow and build upon itself.

This is the vision that every decent person must pursue. And if you believe in a God, this is the path that God would have us take that leads to a safe peace, a beautiful harmony and the everlasting survival of the human spirit.

Whether we are of this world or the next, or the one beyond that, it’s this one that needs our help right now. The oppressed need freedom, the homeless need shelter, the hungry need food and the lonely need friends. The upcoming relentless banding together and pitching in is essential. And though the attainment of such ends may tire us with blisters on our backs, calluses will grow as the vapors of good will breathe a magical energy anew resulting in a tall standing pride and worthiness for this idyllic land and life we have been called upon to steward.

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