Rozum to remain active in the wake of last week’s election

— Rozum said she was hopeful anyone interested in pursuing a political office could learn from her campaign.

“It’s possible to run a positive, issues-focused campaign, rather than run a negative, opponent-focused campaign, and that there is a significant progressive voting bloc in Central New York willing to stand up to the status quo policies of the corporate policies,” she said. “Voters are increasingly independent and deserve positive, independent representation. I hope people realize that you don’t need to a professional politician to run for office. It requires passion and willingness to make a commitment to work with a team of people and give it your best shot. My biggest hope for my candidacy, post-election, is that more regular individuals are inspired to step up and run for office. I would be happy to talk with anyone interested in stepping into that role.”

Rozum was also hopeful that the voters of the 24th District, as well as their elected officials, didn’t become complacent in the period after Election Day. She invited all who were interested in doing so to work with her to address the issues she raised during her campaign.

“I hope that organizing doesn’t stop on Election Day and that all those people who were energized by the election continue in the work and movement building that we need to put pressure on elected officials at all levels, including Congressman-elect Dan Maffei, to implement solutions that will benefit our economy, our environment and improve our democracy,” she said. “For those who supported the issues and policies that I brought up during the campaign but perhaps did not vote for me — no hard feelings. Let’s get back to working to the variety of issues that matter to us — from abolishing corporate personhood and reversing Citizens United, to taking action to address climate change, to getting local electoral reforms passed — the issues are endless, and I know they don’t just matter to me and the Green party.”

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