Rozum to remain active in the wake of last week’s election

— Rozum said she was, overall, happy with the manner in which she campaigned, although there were some thing she would change.

“Hindsight is 20/20,” she said. “There are issues that I care about deeply that I think would have resonated with voters that I wish we could have put more emphasis on, such as ending the drug war and highlighting the mass incarceration issue more. Also, I could have tried to take more time off from work. There are always things that could go better, but overall, I think we used our limited resources very well.”

As for her future, Rozum said she’s not sure she’ll run for office again.

“Perhaps if I’m asked,” she said. “A ‘political career’ isn’t a professional ambition for me, but someone has to do the people’s work and we need representatives with a commitment to justice. At this time, I would prefer to support others willing to run for office.”

In the meantime, Rozum will return to organizing for the Syracuse Peace Council and the Onondaga County Green Party. She hopes these groups and other associated endeavors can help with efforts to implement a statewide ban on hydrofracking, stop the use of unmanned drones and overturn the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United, as well as the issues she raised during her campaign for office — electoral reform, a new jobs program, progressive taxation and reforms to Medicare and Social Security. Rozum and the rest of the Greens are eager for new candidates to come forward to run in the future.

“We have monthly meetings the second Monday of the month, and all supporters are welcome to attend and get involved,” she said. “I like to think we are welcoming and happy to include new people ready to be part of growing our people-powered party. And we are happy to talk with people who share our values about running for office as Greens.”

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